How do you ship your prints?

I ship 8'' x 10'' prints one of 2 ways; either flat with protective sleeves and rigid cardboard, or gently rolled in a 4'' cardboard mailing tube. Larger print sizes are shipped in cardboard tubes only. I default to shipping in tubes, as it's sturdier and more cost-effective, but if the customer prefers, I can ship flat by request. 

Why is shipping so costly for international orders?

I do my best to select an average international shipping rate, as my shop does not automatically calculate current shipping prices. Shipping overseas is very expensive these days, but I try to keep costs down by shipping the prints in tubes.

What's the status of my order and how come I wasn't notified when it shipped?

That's all my fault. The shop does not send out automatic notifications of shipment, and sometimes I get so busy that I cannot send out notification emails in a timely manner. If you are concerned about your order status, drop me a line through the shop and I will respond ASAP!

I make shipments once a week, usually on a Wednesday. The average shipping time for domestic orders is 3 - 5 days, international orders can take up to 6 weeks. Customs is not a happy place.

Can I commission you to do a custom illustration?

You can! Check out the Request a Commission section for more info.  Please bear in mind that I am a full time freelance artist and often have several live projects, so rush orders are not likely to be fulfilled.  Just the same, feel free to drop me a line and talk about rates and schedules!

Will you design my logo for me?

Unfortunately, no. While at first glance it would seem that any visual artist could tackle a simple logo design, that simplicity is deceptive. Logos fall into the camp of graphic design, as opposed to illustration, and are thus best handled by graphic designers, or at the very least by an illustrator with a strong design sense. While the two disciplines certainly have some overlap, my body of work is more painterly, narrative and character-based, as opposed to design oriented. Trust me, you don't want me anywhere near typography and it's best to seek out a pro in that field!