Current Availability for Commissions: January 2016

If you would like to request a custom work of art, simply email me with the details of what you would like and your time frame. I will respond to discuss my availability and a quote, but my general policy regarding commissions is as follows:

  • I charge an hourly rate of $75, with a $100 minimum for any project. 
  • Depending on the nature of the work, a comparable flat rate can be agreed upon, as long as a limit is set on the number of customer revisions. Should additional revisions be requested, the hourly rate will apply in addition to the flat fee. 

Here is what you can expect when requesting a custom work from me:

  • If a flat rate is agreed upon, then the customer will have 3 opportunities for feedback throughout the process; once for the initial sketch phase, once for the first color pass, and once more for final approval.  Requests for additional revisions are subject to the hourly fee thereafter.
  • If an hourly fee is agreed upon, then the customer and I will discuss expectations for revision cycles and polish. An estimate will be provided once a schedule has been outlined.
  • As I prefer to work digitally, I offer a compromise to the commissioner in order to give them an exclusive work of art. Included with the initial quote are up to 5 signed, archival quality prints of the custom work, ranging in size from 8'' x 10'' to 13'' x 19''.  Additional prints can be requested at a reduced cost, covering only materials and shipping costs.
  • Should the customer wish to go larger or get a Giclee print of the work, then the customer is responsible for all third party printing fees, in addition to the payment for the work.

  • I do not release the hi-resolution source file to the customer. By the same token, unless I have the express permission of the customer,  I do not sell prints of their custom work anywhere; not online, not at conventions, not at gallery shows. It is imperative that the customer has exclusive access to all prints of their piece. I do, however, request that I can use the image of their custom work for self-promotion on my social media accounts and portfolio website. 

That about wraps it up - feel free to email me with any further questions. Thank you!